What do we do?

Scattered Entertainment was created by a group of experienced game developers from a bunch of big team projects in big name studios. We wanted to find new ways of making games, to get smarter and more creative.

By staying small, we can focus on crafting great games that we hope you will enjoy playing as much as we enjoy making them!



How do we make games?

We are committed to innovating in how we make games as well as what we make.

  1. 1

    We are building a team where everybody is responsible in their own work and actively takes part in the team. We love people who step outside of their domain and comfort zone to help improve the team or product. Ideally they also have considerable games industry experience.

  2. 2

    We don't appoint managers, but have senior team members who step up and help organizing the work. This means that our team structure is dynamic and remains very flat.

  3. 3

    We have a gorgeous office in Stockholm, but you can work for us from anywhere on the planet. At the moment we have people working for us in Sweden, Germany, Czech Republic, USA and Canada.

  4. 4

    Keep your own IP! To encourage people to develop their skills through side-projects, our unique employment contracts allow employees to own the IP for any side projects they create.

The Drowning

Scattered Entertainment’s debut game, The Drowning, redefines the first-person shooter for touch devices. Now available for iPhone and iPad.

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